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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

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Disney's Wreck It Ralph (2012)

I finally got a chance to watch Wreck It Ralph on a flight recently, Yes, I know I am so late to the party 🙄! One thing I can say is, I absolutely love how Disney incorporate some positive messages into their children's films (let's park their shady history and current flaws to the side for this post!)

During the film I noted 8 things that adults could learn from in order to become better people or just become more self-aware:

1) When you're walking in your purpose and doing your part well, you will be recognised! Always aim for excellence!

2) EVERYONE needs help and support at some point. Even the "bad guys" went to counselling and had affirmations 🤯.

3) The “good people” shut Ralph out because they thought they were better than him. Don't push people out because you recognise you have talent and certainly don't allow anyone to dim your light/ successes, everyone has their part to play.

4) Until Ralph wasn’t in the game they didn’t know they needed him! They always say "you don't know what you had until it's gone", so appreciate it whilst it still exists. Also be sure to know that if you aim for excellence in all you do, even those who took you for granted once will see your value (no position is permanent, you will be promoted)!

5) Viruses do not stop! Stop allowing negativity to reproduce and take over your life, kill it before it spreads and get rid of any "viruses" in your life.

6) If you’ve paid your entry fee you better run your race! We need to stop doubting ourselves midway through the process and we also need to stop giving up before we've completed what we set out to do. The race is hard, but once you've entered see it through!

7) People can lie to you to stop you from knowing your full potential and achieving your dreams. As a christian I always need to #CheckMyself and ask, who’s report do you believe Victoria? Stop allowing lies to plant fear and doubt in your mind/ heart.

8) Ralph helped princess Penelope when she was just "the glitch" and she turned out to be the princess in the end. Everyone is in a process and if you don't treat people with respect/ kindness when you have the chance it may come back to bite you!

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